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1. Sending log files of inPhoto or IDPhoto applications

2. inPhoto or IDPhoto applications displays the “Invalid Serial Number” error during activation

3. inPhoto or IDPhoto applications displays the “Activation Service cannot be started” error during start

4. How do I recover my Serial Number

5. How to fully remove inPhoto and IDPhoto software from your PC

6. About TWAIN

7. How to test TWAIN transfer with inPhoto/IDPhoto application

8. “Capture to TWAIN” command is not available

9. Error: “The service cannot be started”

10. Error: “Pipe is broken”

11. How to repair the Activation Service?

12. How to run the inPhoto/IDPhoto application and the PS driver installer as an Administrator?

13. Remote support via TeamViewer

14. Error: “GUI … has stopped working”

15. Command Line Interface (CLI)

16. How can I get a Demo version?

17. Our Support and Update policy

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