How to activate our products


In an effort to reduce software piracy and ensure that our customers receive the product quality they expect, Product Activation technology is being included in our products. This technology is a similar to, for example, Microsoft Windows or Adobe Photoshop activation.

Product Activation is a simple and straightforward process. In most cases, the only information required to activate is a product serial number. The information collected will not be used to personally identify you. Once activation is completed, most users will never have to activate their installation again.

Product Activation takes less than one minute when completed over the Internet. If activation is completed in this way, the product will take care of most of the work and will require very little user participation.

If Product Activation can not be completed for any reason from PC where product is used, another method is available – Offline Activation. In that case Product will provide you with additional activation code and address of the Product activation server. You can enter your serial number and activation code on Product activation server from any other PC and get your authentication code which you can transfer to the product to complete activation.

Our main activation server can help you to activate our products

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