Photo Identification

Photo identification is widely used in any form of identity document. Most kinds of this documents  includes a photograph of the holder. For example:

  • Passports
  • Driver’s licenses
  • State ID cards
  • College/University Student’s cards
  • Railcard
  • Company issued id cards
  • Employee ID card
  • Military ID card
  • Citizenship card
  • Card as a proof of age
  • Access cards
  • Badges
  • Voter ID card
  • Hunting/Fishing license
  • Gun permit
  • Pilot’s license
  • Social security card
  • Medicaid or Medicare card
  • Club’s card


The important thing to remember about such photos is that they should allow inspectors to recognize you when they look at your photo. You must follow special guidelines to shoot and prepare photos that can be used for photo identification.
Photo must comply with such requirements as:

  • Include a full face, front view and open eyes
  • Photo presents full head from top of hair to shoulders
  • Photo taken in a plain white or off-white background
  • Avoid shadows on the face or background
  • Face in photo should have a natural expression (closed mouth)
  • Photos should not include sunglasses or hats
  • The contrast and lighting in the photo should be normal

Most of the requirements must be submits in the time of photo is taken. Remote control and capturing directly to PC system for camera can significantly improve speed and quality of the process of taken identification photos.
For most value system must have such functions:

  • Live image preview from camera to control of position and expression of face
  • Automatic and accurate face detection on preview to control that photo include a full face
  • Full camera settings control for best contrast and colors
  • Direct transfer shoot to your PC
  • TWAIN capability is very useful if you need to transfer result image to other application for printing

IDPhotoCapture solutions provides an ability to capture images fast, easy, and with the highest photographic quality and fits all requirements for Photo identification. The photographer has full control over all the camera settings from his working place. The IDPhotoCapture application is fully compatible with any document/card printing solution with TWAIN support.
IDPhotoCapture solutions supports any kind of camera and fits any requirement for shooting system:

  • inPhoto ID Webcam supports web-cameras: most easy and fastest shooting solutions, but with average quality
  • inPhoto ID PS supports Canon PowerShot compact digital cameras: most used in photo identification, best value of shooting quality and price of a camera
  • inPhoto ID SLR supports Canon SLR EOS reflex digital cameras: best shooting quality solution
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